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Company Profile
We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of an exclusive assortment of Decorative School Furniture, Play Center Aids and School Material. In our extensive range of products, we offer Language Apparatus, Sensorial Apparatus, Arithmetic Apparatus, Arithmetic Concept, Class Decoration Materials, Wooden Puzzle, Geography Apparatus, Montessori Furniture, Flash Cards, Building Block, etc. We manufacture our products using best quality raw materials which are sourced from reliable vendors of the industry. Also our wide array of products completely match the prescribed industrial standards. Managed by a qualified team our company is constantly climbing the ladder to success.
Business Type Exporter , Manufacturer , Importer , Supplier
Primary Competitive Advantages
  • Ethical Business Policies
  • Quality Products
  • Timely Delivery
  • Transparent Dealings

Sales Volume 1 Crore
No of Staff 25
Year of Establishment 1982
OEM Service Provided Yes
Production Type Automatic
No of Designers 3
Product Range
Practical Life Apparatus Button Frame Zipper, Large Button Frame, Small Button Frame, Safety Pin Frame, Shoe Lacing Frame, Sarto Ribbon Frame, Hook & Eye Frame, Buckle Frame, Velcro Frame, Touch Button Frame, Lace Frame, Buttoning Frame, Combined Button Frame

Language Apparatus Sand Paper Capital Alphabet, Sand Paper Letter Hindi, Sand Paper Small Alphabet, Sand Paper Letter Cursive, Sand Paper Letter Tamil, Phonographs Cursive, Phonographs Print, Movable Alphabet Small, Movable Alphabet Capital, Movable Alphabet Cursive, Moveable Alphabet Hindi, Word Cards, Hindi Matra Chart, Vowel With Pictures, Vowel Set Combined, Sentence Box, Grammar Symbol, 3 Part Cards

Sensorial Apparatus Cylinder Block GEO Design, Pink Tower, Broad Stair, Montessori Long Stair, Montessori Touch Boards, Montessori Touch Tablets, Montessori Fabric, Montessori Sound Box, Montessori Blue Triangles, Montessori Smelling Bottles, Montessori Tasting Bottles, Constructive Triangles, Primary Color Tablet, Secondary Color Tablets, Tertiary Color Tablets
Basic Tablets, Geometrical Solid, Geometric Solid Cards, Knob-less Cylinders, Drawing Inset, Geometrical Nomenclature Card, Geometric Cabinet, Presentation Tray, Geometrical Card Set, Pressure Cylinder, Stereo-gnostic Bag, Mystery Bag, Thermic Bottles, Thermic Tablets, Binomial Square, Trinomial Square, Binomial Cube, Trinomial Cube, Decanomial Square, Prisms For Broad Stair, Cubes For Pink Tower, Wooden Tray & Bowl

Arithmetic Apparatus Cards And Counters, Number Rods, Small Number Rods, Cards, Sand Paper Number, Spindle Box, Seguin Board I, Beads For Seguin Board I, Seguin Board II, Beads For Seguin Board II, Bead String Set, Number Cards 1 To 1000, Small Number Cards 1 To 3000, Large Number Cards 1 To 9000, Arithmetic Box, Addition Strip Board, Subtraction Strip Board, Multiplication Board, Division Board, Static Bead Material, Dynamic Bead Material, Colored Bead Bar, Hundred Board, Wooden Fraction Plates, Number Cards, Snake Game Addition, Snake Game Subtraction, Introduction To Decimal Quantity, Bead For Dynamic Bead Material, Montessori Bead Chains, Stamp Game, Peg Mosaic Board, Dot Game, 4 Row Bead Frame, 7 Row Bead Frame, Montessori Long Chain, Short Bead Numbers Chain, Montessori Fraction Circle, Fraction Set, Montessori Bank Game, Area Apparatus Colour, Fraction Cut Out, Decanomial Bead Bar, Square Root Patterns, Square Root Board, Yellow Prism, Power Of 2 Cube, Power Of 3 Cube, Pythagoras Theorem, Pythagoras Board, Checker Board With Beads, Number Box 1 To 100, Cylinder Blocks

Arithmetic Concept Spike Abacus, Counting Dominoes, Sequence Counter, Counting Plate, With Rods, Number Plate with Ring, Number Plate With Square, Counting On Animal, Wooden Hands Counting, Number Cargo Truck, Geometry Box, Currency Set, Number Fraction, Counting Frame Small, Counting Frame Medium, Counting Frame Big, Counting Frame With Board, Fraction Skittle, Counting Cubes, Hard Board Cutout, Wooden Cutout, Puzzle Plate 1-10, Vedic Maths Abacus, Teachers Abacus, Counting Abacus, Count And Hang, Play And Count, Carving Board Number, Fraction Plates, Clock Dial, Railway Clock, Number Block, Slates, Jumbo Cutout Number, Cylinder Blocks (A,B,C,D)

Montessori Material Working & Sitting Mats, Tray For Pouring Exercise, Pencil Stand, Napkin And Duster

Language Concept English Alphabet With Pictures, Hindi Alphabet With Picture, Alphabet Tree, Alphabet Apple Tree, Alphabet Cube, Capital Alphabet Puzzle, Small Alphabet Puzzle, Hindi Vowel Puzzle, Puzzle Tray Hindi Consonants, Puzzle Tray Combined, Word Forming Box, H.B. Cutout, H B Cutout Hindi, Carving Board, Wooden English Letters, Wooden Cutout Hindi, Wooden Matra, Word Scramble Alphabet

Colors And Shapes Rainbow Colors Set, Shape Dominoes, Montessori Cylinders Set, Shape Box Toy, Stacking Board, Shape Board, Basic Shapes Board, Clock With Shapes, Color Filter, Shapely Clown, Wooden Nail Game, Posting Box Toy, Post Office Letter Box, Hut Shaped Box, Color Matching Rods, Hollow Tower, Up The Stair Case, Match A Shape, Serration Shapes, Serration Figure, Logic Board, Match Shape, Rainbow Colourman, Rainbow Color Board, Shape Sorting Box, Shape Sorter, Wooden Shape Board, Size Tray, Pyramids, Geometrical Tower, Shape Sorter Engine, Shape Sorter Football Player, Shapes With Shape, Geo Shape Sorter, Jumbo Shapes Shape Magic

Hand & Eye Co-ordination Apparatus Hand Puppets, Finger Puppets, Kids Costumes, Wooden Tool Box, Wooden Peg Hammer Toy, Magic Board, Shape Beads, Beads Travel ,Wooden Stamps, Swing Board

Building Block Building Blocks, Toy Blocks, Color Cubes, Building Brick Toys, Build An Animal, Constructive Toy Vehicle, Jumbling Tower Game, Hollow Bricks, Construct A Ship, Fit A Clock, Junior Building Block , Spokes & Cubes

Wooden Puzzle Jig Saw Puzzle, Inset Boards, Puzzle Board, Image Puzzle, Ball Puzzle, Wooden Square Puzzle, Alphabet Wooden Puzzle, Color Wooden Puzzle, Puzzles 8x8, Brain Wooden Puzzle

Class Decoration Materials Decorative Blackboard, Letter Box, Traffic Light, Fruit Thali, Vegetable Thali, Fruit Veg Carton, Bag Holders, Cartoon Cutout, Cartoon Cutouts Big, Cartoon Cutouts Big With Quotations

Geography Apparatus Globe, India Map Puzzle, World Map Puzzle, America Map Puzzle, Europe Map Puzzle, Africa Map Puzzle, Asia Map Puzzle, Australia Map Puzzle, USA Map Puzzle, Flags Of Different Countries, Flag Pairing

Botany Apparatus Botany Cabinet, Botany Form Cards, Botany Nomenclature Card, Botany Puzzles, Evaluation Life Story Of Tree, Life Story Frieze Of Tree, Flower Press

Montessori Furniture Frames Stand, Flags Stand, Puppet Tree Stand, Stand For Mats, Stand For Brush And Broom, Stand For Cylinder Block, Wall Stand For Drawing Inset, Table For Oil Cloth, Pink Tower Table, Table, Box For Pink Tower Box, Stand For Puzzles, Stand For Complete Bead Material, Dressing Stand For Frames

Flash Cards Printed Flashcards, Season Flashcards, Fruits And Animals Flashcards, Profession Flashcards

Display Board Black Board, White Board, Green-lam Board, Magnetic Board, Notice Board, Board Stand, Flannel Board